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Looking for a fencing company in the south wales area you can trust?

Urban Green Landscapes offer a range of garden fencing styles tailored to suit client’s individual tastes. Fences provide security, privacy and safety to your property. Defining your boundary, as well as keeping children and pets safe

Feather Edge Fencing

A feather edge fence acts as an attractive boundary providing privacy, security and piece of mind.

100mm x 100mm wooden posts are concreted into the ground to a depth of 600mm to provide strength that will withstand the winds and provide solid support to the fence. Next come the 75mm x 50mm rails screwed to the posts and these will support the 150mm feather edge boards.

A 150mm x 50mm kick board keeps the thinner feather edge from rotting and also adds another attractive feature to the fence.

A feather edge fence can be made up to 2.4m high for added security and privacy. All timber is pressure treated so there is no need to paint with treatment products, unless you’d like to choose from a wide selection of colours.

Concrete Posts

Slotted Concrete fence posts are not susceptible to rot, meaning they will last considerably longer than a wooden post.

The cost and installation of timber posts will be considerably cheaper than concrete posts, but the concrete posts will always out live the timber.

Continental Panels

These factory-made panels come in a vast range of elegant styles, offering a stylish alternative to the traditional feather edge fence. A continental panel fence is excellent as a boundary fence as both sides are finished to the same standard.

These panels are either slotted in to the grooves of concrete posts or securely screwed to wooden posts.  Some of our favourite panels are

  • Venetian Hit and Miss
  • Woven
  • Hit and Miss
  • Louvre
  • Paloma screen

These panel fences ooze style that compliments Urban Greens contemporary style of landscaping.

All continental panels are manufactured under strict factory conditions and pressure treated to ensure a maintenance free long lasting fence product.

Hit and Miss Fencing

At Urban Green Landscapes we recommend the use of a Hit and miss fence in locations that are prone to regular high winds. Construction of a hit and miss fence is the same as the feather edge fence (either concrete or wooden posts).

The feather edge is swapped for attractive sawn 100mm x 25mm timber and cut down to the desired height for each individual fence. If privacy is not an issue then a gap of up to 30mm between each timber lets the strong winds through the fence.

Fencing Painting and Repair Services

Sometimes replacing a fence is uneconomical, Urban Green Landscapes offer a Full Fence Repair Service.

Using concrete repair spurs or a new post system is a cost-effective method of repairing a rotten wooden post.

We can also paint any fence that we install.

Marshalls Approved

Marshalls are the UK’s leading landscape product supplier. Their accredited installers are strictly monitored and vetted to ensure their work is carried out to the highest standards in the industry.

You can view our Marshalls register listing here.

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