More and more homeowners here within Cardiff, are choosing to have a new block paved driveway installed by us.

After all, this form of driveway can be affordable, whilst also helping to enhance the overall appearance of your home.

This article therefore explains the benefits of opting for this type of driveway.

Congested streets

Like most cities here within Britain, our roads within Cardiff are simply getting a lot busier. It can therefore prove difficult to find street parking for some residents, this can especially be the case after most people have finished work.

Therefore, we can help to create off road parking. We can also level the ground and remove soil so that you can fit as many cars as possible onto the driveway.

Homebuyers do prefer off-road parking  

For some homebuyers having off-road parking is an absolute must. This is why having a quality driveway installed should be considered as a form of investment within your home.

At Urban Green, we also ensure that our drives are built to the highest standards. We therefore ensure that the stone base of the driveway is correctly installed. Our experienced team will also ensure that they correctly install the brickwork.

We also consider water drainage as well. We have accounts with many brickyards, so this means we can show you many brochures of many different types of brick options, and natural stone blocks to choose from.

Keep your car close to your home 

A lot of homeowners tell us, that they have chosen to have a new driveway installed because of car vandalism. We can therefore create a driveway, so that you can keep an eye on your car.

Block paving suits many residential properties

There was once a time when a lot of people opted to have a tarmac driveways installed. However, it seems as though more and more homeowners now prefer block paving.

As tarmac is used on public roads, and also with most carparks this option can look too commercial.

Therefore is you would like a driveway option, that is better suited to residential homes, then we would recommend block paving.

Cost effective 

The main advantage of choosing a block paved drive, is that you can state which block or brick option you would like.

For example, there are the affordable brick options, yet there are also the more expensive natural stone blocks. For example, a more expensive form of driveway would be to have a natural stone granite drive.

Tarmac driveways

If you were therefore originally looking to have a tarmac drive installed within Cardiff, but are now thinking more about a block paved driveway, we can help.

Why not give us a ring, we can explain all the various block driveway options that are available.

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