Its fair to say that getting a driveway installed is often now considered more important than ever.

After all, most streets are now overburdened with too many cars, and finding an available parking space after work can sometimes be stressful.

This is why so many homeowners are now having quality block paved driveways installed, and this is where we can help.

We install many different kinds of driveways within Cardiff, which includes installing:

·        Simple block paved driveways  

·        Intricate block paved driveways  

·        We can use a range of bricks and blocks to the customers own preference

What are block paved driveways?

Many homeowners are familiar with what a tarmac driveway looks like, however, more and more homeowners now prefer block paved driveways.

As tarmac driveways are often found in commercial premises, such as supermarkets, and other car parks, often homeowners want a driveway that looks more in keeping with the style of their home.

For instance, a homeowner within the city of Cardiff, may own a period property, and therefore want a driveway that is made using quality blockwork.

Alternatively, a homeowner may want a driveway that looks impressive, yet is offered at an affordable price, in this instance we can offer many different types of bricks to choose from.

Why are they so popular?

Block paved driveways are very popular because of the amount of options that a customer is presented with.

For instance, a driveway can be made affordable, or instead a homeowner may want a driveway that makes a really impressive statement.

Why you should choose us:


No matter where your home is located within Cardiff, we can offer a driveway that will suit your property.

So, no matter if you live in lakeside, Roath and require a luxurious driveway, or perhaps you would like a more affordable option, we can help.

Quality workmanship

We offer quality workmanship. The businesses owner Tom, ensures that we only offer quality workmanship.

We believe in efficiently installing every driveway that we construct, this means that we will use skilled labourers and also modern machinery, in order to ensure we deliver our work on time.

Affordable prices

A lot of homeowners get deterred from having a new tarmac, or block paved driveway installed, and that’s often because they are worried over the cost.

However, our driveways offer excellent value for money, we can also offer you a range of bricks and blocks to choose from.

We cover the whole of Cardiff

Our driveway installation service, is offered to homeowners within the city of Cardiff. We also carry out driveway installations within most of the neighbouring areas.

Sun, rain, sleet or snow, we can offer to install a new driveway for you…

No matter what time of year it is, whether its hot or cold, we can install a new driveway for you.

If you are looking to obtain quotes for your new block paved driveway, then why not give us a ring?

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