Each and every year, there will be many homeowners who are looking to obtain a new block paved driveway.

There are countless driveway installers to choose from within Cardiff, so it can be difficult for some homeowners to know which business to choose.

Some driveway companies may offer rock bottom prices, yet at the same time some companies can also offer poor quality workmanship. This may mean that the driveway may start to sag and move.

Often this is caused by the foundations not being correctly prepared. Also, poor quality bricks or blocks can quickly fade, and the drive can start to look old in no time at all.

This is why so many homeowners are choosing Urban Green. We can offer the following:

·        Quality driveways that are offered at sensible prices

·        Experienced installers, that always take great pride in their work

·        We can design a driveway that caters to suit most budgets

High quality driveways

It’s fair to state, that some driveway companies can sometimes install a block paved driveway in an absolute rush. If a driveway is installed in a rush, then this often means that the driveway will be compromised in terms of its overall quality.

For example, the driveways drainage may not be correctly considered, and this can lead to flows of water that form puddles on the driveway. Instead drainage should be a priority to any driveway company.

Here at Urban Green we ensure the following:

·        All driveways are built from quality bricks or block

·        The driveway has solid foundations

·        Ample drainage is installed

·        The driveway has suitable edging to prevent movement of blocks or bricks

The water should flow away from the property, and also ample drainage should be provided as well.

Urban Green design every single driveway with quality in mind.

Why choose Urban Green?

Urban Green has many years’ worth of experience installing quality block paved driveways.

A lot of homeowners now prefer block or brick driveways, as they are more suitable for use within domestic properties.

Tarmac driveways often can look too commercial, and therefore often do not compliment the style of most homes.

We have many years’ worth of experience

We have many years’ worth of experience, the business owner Tom has over 5 years’ worth of experience installing driveways.

We will also only ever employ skilled labourers to install your block driveway.

Why not obtain a no obligation quote from us today?

If you are thinking about getting a driveway installed within Cardiff, then why not give us a ring?

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